Important Bears win; the conclusion of uglier Joakim Noah Players

The Chicago Bears were the fluke team, and now we have to beware them after a 27-13 victory against the Minnesota Vikings. Do we forget that the Vikings were 3-5 entering Soldier Field Sunday?

The Bears now step into a tie with Green Bay as they were dormant this weekend. After a career best against the Cardinals throwing 446 yards, Vikings QB Brett Favre only connected for 170 dismal yards. Bears QB Jay Cutler threw for one of his better days with 237 throwing for three TDs (his two interceptions were awful).

The Bears rush also flourished as they registered 130 yards. This opened the play action up for Cutler (in which he was only sacked once). When the Bears ran play action, Cutler was 7-of-7 with at TD.

The Vikings running game was snuffed by the Bears front four only allowing 51 yards from the amazing Adrian Peterson (I mean the good one, not the Bears predator one).

Devin Hester also accumalated  147 kickoff and punt return yards to give the Bears great field position. As you can tell the Bears played well on all facets of the game.

The Bears, on a short week, take on the depleted Miami Dolphins. Earlier in the season, I figured this would be a good matchup, and rightfully so. The Dolphins attain a great offense with essentially two starting running backs (Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams) and Brandon Marshall.

Look for the Bears to keep on their streak.


Now folks, your finale of the Top 20 Ugliest Chicago Sports Players that Beat Joakim Noah in Ugliness according to Jonathan S. Jones

10. Delino Deshields
Chicago Cubs 2001-02

09. Keith Traylor
Chicago Bears 2001-03




08. Omer Asik
Chicago Bulls 2010 (Rookie)

07. John Kruk
Chicago Whitesox 1995







06. Mickey Morandini
Chicago Cubs 1998-99



05. Ron Karkovice
Chicago Whitesox 1986-97







04. Marty Demerritt
Chicago Cubs Pitching Coach 1999



03. Adrian Peterson
Chicago Bears 2002-09





02. Gary Gaetti
Chicago Cubs 1998-99







01. Rod Beck
Chicago Cubs 1998-99

Honorable Mention (sort of): Mike Devereaux (CHW), Ray King (CHW) and Robert Parish (Bulls) Respectively














About Jonathan S. Jones

This blog is a slice of seasoned hard news and opinion for you Chicago sports fans. Journalism is the essense of lyrical painting. I am a journalist who has worked for the sports from professional down to high school with the Daily Herald, Chicago Tribune, Marion Chronicle-Tribune, Wabash Plain Dealer, Peru Tribune and Huntington Herald-Press professionally. This blog is an attempt to break news-hard and opinionated- to anyone who wants to know. Thanks for your time and your eyes.
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