Bulls Bulldoze Warriors/Fun Fridays

I think i should state that I am going to make it up as a five day weekly blog. I just haven’t been cutting it like I thought with all of the reporting I’ve been doing in the past two months.

Before touching on a new segment entitled ‘Fun Fridays,’ it was nice to see the Bulls take care of the 6-2 Golden State Warriors in impressive fashion winning 120-90.

Almost makes people rethink of what happened if Carmelo did come to Chicago, and what will ultimately happen when Boozer comes back to the Bulls.

Sure, the Warriors didn’t have David Lee in the lineup, but do you really expect him to throw up 30 points. In the press conference following the game, Stephen Curry said they were shorthanded, but I’m sorry my teenage looking brother defense needs to be played.

Note: David Lee sat out because his arm was infected by New York Knicks Wilson Chandler’s tooth (wow).The Bulls starters outscored the Warriors starters 93-59. All Bulls starters were in double digits (including 4.3ppg avg Bogans).

Derrick Rose power dunk against warriors

Luol Deng led the charge with 26 points, Derrick Rose had 22, Joakim Noah 17 and Taj Gibson and Keith Bogans both posted 14 points. Kyle Korver added 10 off the bench.

Heck of a game eh? I mean the Bulls had 66 going into halftime. It’s good to see the kids coming together, and not having they’re drought quarter like they always do. Again we will see what Boozer has in store whence he returns (yes i said whence, and I know not necessary).

Fun Fridays:If I can keep this going (unlike Throwback Thursdays, which will return), I’d love to run with this.

Fun Fridays will be a random hodge podge top ten list. I enjoyed the idea because someone proposed the idea of doing these lists while I played on my 1-7 baseball team this year (our team should be firing me. As coach I am 4-19-1).

This week, well I take that back, a couple weeks back I had heard folks says Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah is the ugliest player in professional sports. I couldn’t believe that. Sure he is not the most attractive of players, but I have thoroughly researched players uglier than Joakim Noah.

Note to all followers: Since I am a Chicago Blogger/Reporter, the niche is ugly Chicago athletes past or present. I also am throwing in the 1985-present deal, since well I can’t say much to anyone from an era that I’m not from.

Joakim I got your back buddy.

Chicago, here are your Top Ten Ugliest Chicago Sports Stars That Beat Joakim Noah in Ugliness (catchy title), Scratch that, I’ll do 20. Top 20 Ugliest Chicago Sports Players that Beat Joakim Noah in Ugliness according to Jonathan S. Jones

20. Kyle Orton
Chicago Bears 2005-2008

19. Jeremy Roenick
Chicago Blackhawks 1986-1996

18. Frank Thomas
Chicago White Sox 1990-2005

17. Tony Womack
Chicago Cubs 2006

16. Chad Hutchinson

Chicago Bears 2004

15. Lyle Odelein
Chicago Blackhawks 2001-2002

14. Scottie Pippen
Chicago Bulls 1987-1998, 2003-2004

13. Frank Omiyale
Chicago Bears 2009-present

12. Brian Scalabrine
Chicago Bulls 2010

11. Dennis Rodman- Bulls 95-98


About Jonathan S. Jones

This blog is a slice of seasoned hard news and opinion for you Chicago sports fans. Journalism is the essense of lyrical painting. I am a journalist who has worked for the sports from professional down to high school with the Daily Herald, Chicago Tribune, Marion Chronicle-Tribune, Wabash Plain Dealer, Peru Tribune and Huntington Herald-Press professionally. This blog is an attempt to break news-hard and opinionated- to anyone who wants to know. Thanks for your time and your eyes.
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