Deng for 40/Bulls play excellent

Just when you think Luol is tradeable, he comes up and wins you back with a career high 40-point game. It came just in time for a tough Portland Trailblazers team. Gee whiz, the defense as well looked great from the Bulls.

If you haven’t figured it out the Bulls won their second straight game 110-98 against the Trailblazers Monday at the UC (and even that was too close for comfort in my book).

Just when you think last year has arrived again (with the Bulls not finishing games) like the fourth quarter of the Oklahoma City game, they totally redeem themselves.

After a sluggish start with Detroit they came back outscoring Detroit 34-9 and registered a first win (after an astonishing James Johnson performance).

The reason why Deng had this game, in my opinion was because of his poor performance. Thibodeau benched Deng for Johnson to surprise all fans with his play.

Then a game later, Deng couldn’t miss a shot going 14-19 (3-5 beyond three point land), four boards and three assists. Even though Rose wasn’t having a fantastic shooting game he posted a double-double 16 pts 13 assists and five boards.

It looks as if Thibodeau’s coaching is catching on to the boys in red(sans the foul trouble).

Let’s hope this philosophy catches on so the Bulls can hold a respectable record till Boozer returns.

Coming soon – Bears midterm grades (yeesh)


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This blog is a slice of seasoned hard news and opinion for you Chicago sports fans. Journalism is the essense of lyrical painting. I am a journalist who has worked for the sports from professional down to high school with the Daily Herald, Chicago Tribune, Marion Chronicle-Tribune, Wabash Plain Dealer, Peru Tribune and Huntington Herald-Press professionally. This blog is an attempt to break news-hard and opinionated- to anyone who wants to know. Thanks for your time and your eyes.
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