Bears progress report part one (offense)

Well folks, it’s the middle of the season, and you guessed it, time for progress reports kids.

At 4-3, the Bears still have a chance to make the playoffs if they (as the cliché goes) straighten up and fly right. So I will breakdown the Bears down by position (in my opinion) of what their grade is on the season.

The world revolves around pompous stubborn Jay Cutler. As much as the offensive line has not had his back, is as much he hasn’t for the O Line (I know the double negative). Everything relies on how good your quarterback is, and Cutler, who is 111-181 1483 7 TD, 7 Int is working diligently on trying to get his numbers emulating 09-10 (27 TD, 26 INT). We know Todd Collins was a bust, and Caleb Hanie,…well he doesn’t play. So, with the help of lovely Martz and Cutler, collectively are attempting to turn this season into a train wreck. What happened to the success in the first three games? The quick passes?

Runningbacks: CThere really has been not much of a ground game. Team leader Matt Forte is 93-352 scoring three TDs on the rush (not to mention is 3.9 avg and all of the fumbles he’s been having). Chester Taylor is obsolete (because we don’t hone a run-game), you can’t even through Garrett Wolf or Khalil Bell in there either. This Taylor move i thought would be the what could have put the Bears over the top. Alas, stubborn Mike Martz will keep throwing, and all of these stellar backs will be run out-of-town before you know it. RUN THE BALL!

Offensive Line: D

You know in most cases, the offensive line would achieve an incomplete. However, you can tell nobody knows what they’re doing because the Bears are starting two seventh-round draft picks, an undrafted free agent and a first-round bust. I take my hats off to line coach Mike Tice for trying the swaps and changes, but sometimes they just need to let these kids get accustomed to their positions. The Bears will have Roberto Garza back this week to return to guard, and maybe we can see if Chris Williams can get another chance at left tackle. Also, this strong belief that Greg Olsen is a first tier tight end in the NFL…what’s the deal with that(honestly that’s all I got)? The guy has butterfingers, he fumbles and drops easy plays, and he can’t block (along with Brandon manumanalauenawumea…however you spell is last name). I know what I can get out of old man Desmond (Clark). The guy can block and though slow, can catch the ball when thrown to. With the safeties having a hell of a year, makes you almost regret that Major Wright draft pick in the third round…

Receivers: B-

Why are your eyes wide? Is it because of the B- grade for the receivers. Well yes, I would do it again if I had the chance to go up and delete it. I think these guys (though inexperienced) have played the best on the offensive guy on the ball. When you have Forrest Gump (Devin Hester) as your number one receiver (even after years of training under Marty Booker and Mushin Muhammad) you think he’d get the play book by now. Let’s be honest, Mike Martz does not know his personnel if he feels this week in and week out he can just run deep routes all day. Since the line doesn’t work, and Cutler thinks too much with the ball, why not run the quick routes that made you successful in the beginning of the season. Plus this tandem of Johnnie Knox (24 – 478 TD), Devin Hester (18-182 TD) and Aromshadu (7-111…wow), are the quickest receivers they’ve had. Even with quick routes this guys can get extra yardage by speed alone. I do like Earl Bennett and what he brings to the team as a slot guy. Does anyone think that Forte should be the Bears Westbrook, while Taylor should be the true runningback?

Stay tuned for tom’s progress report of the defensive side. The ‘D’ at least has been at least a pleasant surprise right?


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This blog is a slice of seasoned hard news and opinion for you Chicago sports fans. Journalism is the essense of lyrical painting. I am a journalist who has worked for the sports from professional down to high school with the Daily Herald, Chicago Tribune, Marion Chronicle-Tribune, Wabash Plain Dealer, Peru Tribune and Huntington Herald-Press professionally. This blog is an attempt to break news-hard and opinionated- to anyone who wants to know. Thanks for your time and your eyes.
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