“Either get up or get out the way” – Stacey King

If this doesn’t get you into the Bulls, I don’t know what will.

Today begins the 2010-11 Chicago Bulls season. Even though it started Tuesday, and is battling today with game one of the Texas Rangers-San Francisco Giants World Series, that will be number one on my tube (Was anyone as happy as I to see the Heat lose game one?).

So Thibodeau, which is apparently pronounced Tib-o-doh, finally set his starting lineup sans Carlos Boozer Tuesday evening. It goes as follows: G Derrick Rose, G Keith Bogans, SF Luol Deng, PF Taj Gibson, C Joakim Noah.

Gee am I glad we didn’t let go of Luol and Taj (yet?) for Carmelo Anthony. So it is only fair, that I do my last preview for Taj ‘hard hat and lunch pale’ Gibson

Taj Gibson

Position: PF
Height: 6’9
College: USC
09-10 stats: 9.0 ppg, 7.5 rpg, 1.3 bpg
He is a hybrid Joakim Noah…well sorta, not really. Gibson can give you that 15-17 foot outside shot as well as battle in the trenches. When Gibson is in, he can get you rebounds by the dozens. He also could be very allusive on the offensive side. Just when you don’t think he’s got enough juice left, Gibson posterizes someone.
 The problem still remains is that he commits pitty-pat fouls often, which enables his upside sometimes. It could possibly be that he was only a rookie last season, but it’s also possible that the referees might as the cliché goes ‘let them play.’ Like Noah, he battled plantar faciitis, but essentially played in every game. Hopefully it’s not something that ails him anymore
Once Boozer gets back, Gibson looks to be in the top drawing for sixth-man of the year award. He’ll average you double-digit points, and could it with rebounds as well. Gibson is someone who fits right inside of Thibodeau’s defensive scheme. He was one of my favorite players last year, and I would be sad to see him go, if this Carmelo trade resurfaces.

The Bulls start off, however, with a tough schedule. This was a perfect time for Boozer and his wall punching to be sidelined. Today they play Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder, that looks to be a tough match. Also in the first couple of games they play Portland, Boston, Denver (twice…kind of a coincidence), Houston, Dallas and San Antonio…all 09-10 playoff teams.

This could be tough, but with the Bears looking like a college-bound team as well, I’ve been licking my chops in preparation for this season. Oh and by the way this is for the folks who weren’t convinced by the Rose dunks. This clip always gives me goosebumps…when Noah turned into a man. After the jump, there’s an mp3.

Bulls starting lineup song (MP3)


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