Bears (Judas’s revenge) win/Boozer loss/possible Blackhawks post?

You essentially have to be a high school team to lose to the Carolina Panthers especially with Steve Smith out. I mean sure you got D’angelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, but when you let up 17 points (which should have been 24) in the first half, even Jon Quinn could play qb and win. For those of you who don’t know who Jon Quinn is, he is one of many Qbs for the Bears that was terrible.

So the Bears are sole owners of the NFC North at 4-1 after a Packers loss. It was an ugly 24-3 victory (the Bears’ way), I’ll take that

How about that Matt Forte. After no rushing touchdowns were scored since week 13 of LAST SEASON, Forte broke out for 20 carries and a career high 166 scoring twice.

And that Peppers. He had one of the best picks of the year already for the Bears. I tell ya, the Bears defense is looking as good as I’ve seen them in years. Peppers stuck it to the angry Panthers where it hurt, and the rest of the Bears wanted to do the same.

Is it safe to say that we can count our losses in Todd Collins being a mistake? He really shouldn’t play football anymore. A 3.6 qb rating? A high school quarterback could at least throw for more than 36 yards.

Yes, Caleb Hanie is not great, but he’s head above shoulders better than Collins. Lord have mercy he was god awful.

Wish I could still spin the ball with that hand

I have to say my buddy Jacob Bauer was correct on  his call about Boozer. Bauer told me that he thought Boozer punched a wall breaking his hand.

Last week, Boozer explained his bogus reason of breaking his hand. I don’t know how many times I’ve tripped, or on how many occasions I have landed on my wrist playing football to brace my fall, but it sounds phony. Even though Bulls coach Thibodeau says it’s a non-issue, the New York Times, just reported that through a source John, Gar and the gang want to investigate the issue.

Even though I am 95 percent of the time against the Bulls front office (with the exception of drafting Rose and Noah, which you couldn’t really mess up drafting Rose with the number one pick), it is good they are trying to find out the truth.

Grabbing that 14.4 mil makes me want to check up on a bag trip right?

However, the Bulls offense looks pretty strong as they began preseason ball last week and stand at 1-2 in the preseason. They look a little flat on the offense, but the way the offensive scheme is run, the Bulls look as if they will be successful (even sans Boozer).

We will see in 2 months how the Bulls have improved.


Blackhawks won their first game this season.

P.S. Who wants to write about hockey for Chicagodeepdish?! (That wasn’t condescending at all, I really want to have a hockey enthusiast writing for the blog).


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