Important Bears win; the conclusion of uglier Joakim Noah Players

The Chicago Bears were the fluke team, and now we have to beware them after a 27-13 victory against the Minnesota Vikings. Do we forget that the Vikings were 3-5 entering Soldier Field Sunday?

The Bears now step into a tie with Green Bay as they were dormant this weekend. After a career best against the Cardinals throwing 446 yards, Vikings QB Brett Favre only connected for 170 dismal yards. Bears QB Jay Cutler threw for one of his better days with 237 throwing for three TDs (his two interceptions were awful).

The Bears rush also flourished as they registered 130 yards. This opened the play action up for Cutler (in which he was only sacked once). When the Bears ran play action, Cutler was 7-of-7 with at TD.

The Vikings running game was snuffed by the Bears front four only allowing 51 yards from the amazing Adrian Peterson (I mean the good one, not the Bears predator one).

Devin Hester also accumalated  147 kickoff and punt return yards to give the Bears great field position. As you can tell the Bears played well on all facets of the game.

The Bears, on a short week, take on the depleted Miami Dolphins. Earlier in the season, I figured this would be a good matchup, and rightfully so. The Dolphins attain a great offense with essentially two starting running backs (Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams) and Brandon Marshall.

Look for the Bears to keep on their streak.


Now folks, your finale of the Top 20 Ugliest Chicago Sports Players that Beat Joakim Noah in Ugliness according to Jonathan S. Jones

10. Delino Deshields
Chicago Cubs 2001-02

09. Keith Traylor
Chicago Bears 2001-03




08. Omer Asik
Chicago Bulls 2010 (Rookie)

07. John Kruk
Chicago Whitesox 1995







06. Mickey Morandini
Chicago Cubs 1998-99



05. Ron Karkovice
Chicago Whitesox 1986-97







04. Marty Demerritt
Chicago Cubs Pitching Coach 1999



03. Adrian Peterson
Chicago Bears 2002-09





02. Gary Gaetti
Chicago Cubs 1998-99







01. Rod Beck
Chicago Cubs 1998-99

Honorable Mention (sort of): Mike Devereaux (CHW), Ray King (CHW) and Robert Parish (Bulls) Respectively













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Bulls Bulldoze Warriors/Fun Fridays

I think i should state that I am going to make it up as a five day weekly blog. I just haven’t been cutting it like I thought with all of the reporting I’ve been doing in the past two months.

Before touching on a new segment entitled ‘Fun Fridays,’ it was nice to see the Bulls take care of the 6-2 Golden State Warriors in impressive fashion winning 120-90.

Almost makes people rethink of what happened if Carmelo did come to Chicago, and what will ultimately happen when Boozer comes back to the Bulls.

Sure, the Warriors didn’t have David Lee in the lineup, but do you really expect him to throw up 30 points. In the press conference following the game, Stephen Curry said they were shorthanded, but I’m sorry my teenage looking brother defense needs to be played.

Note: David Lee sat out because his arm was infected by New York Knicks Wilson Chandler’s tooth (wow).The Bulls starters outscored the Warriors starters 93-59. All Bulls starters were in double digits (including 4.3ppg avg Bogans).

Derrick Rose power dunk against warriors

Luol Deng led the charge with 26 points, Derrick Rose had 22, Joakim Noah 17 and Taj Gibson and Keith Bogans both posted 14 points. Kyle Korver added 10 off the bench.

Heck of a game eh? I mean the Bulls had 66 going into halftime. It’s good to see the kids coming together, and not having they’re drought quarter like they always do. Again we will see what Boozer has in store whence he returns (yes i said whence, and I know not necessary).

Fun Fridays:If I can keep this going (unlike Throwback Thursdays, which will return), I’d love to run with this.

Fun Fridays will be a random hodge podge top ten list. I enjoyed the idea because someone proposed the idea of doing these lists while I played on my 1-7 baseball team this year (our team should be firing me. As coach I am 4-19-1).

This week, well I take that back, a couple weeks back I had heard folks says Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah is the ugliest player in professional sports. I couldn’t believe that. Sure he is not the most attractive of players, but I have thoroughly researched players uglier than Joakim Noah.

Note to all followers: Since I am a Chicago Blogger/Reporter, the niche is ugly Chicago athletes past or present. I also am throwing in the 1985-present deal, since well I can’t say much to anyone from an era that I’m not from.

Joakim I got your back buddy.

Chicago, here are your Top Ten Ugliest Chicago Sports Stars That Beat Joakim Noah in Ugliness (catchy title), Scratch that, I’ll do 20. Top 20 Ugliest Chicago Sports Players that Beat Joakim Noah in Ugliness according to Jonathan S. Jones

20. Kyle Orton
Chicago Bears 2005-2008

19. Jeremy Roenick
Chicago Blackhawks 1986-1996

18. Frank Thomas
Chicago White Sox 1990-2005

17. Tony Womack
Chicago Cubs 2006

16. Chad Hutchinson

Chicago Bears 2004

15. Lyle Odelein
Chicago Blackhawks 2001-2002

14. Scottie Pippen
Chicago Bulls 1987-1998, 2003-2004

13. Frank Omiyale
Chicago Bears 2009-present

12. Brian Scalabrine
Chicago Bulls 2010

11. Dennis Rodman- Bulls 95-98

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Bears Defense and special teams progress report

It’s lovely that i still work on a DSL connection at the homestead. Hence the slow progress I am making on this website. But, without further adieu, here is the remainder of the Chicago Bears Progress Report.

Defensive Line: B


Israel Idonije


Obviously the big offseason move had to do with getting five-time pro bowler Julius Peppers to Chicago. However, with the addition of the 02 Defensive rookie of the year, play has risen from the likes of Israel Idonije Matt Toeaina and even nearly obsolete Tommie Harris.
Even though they totally redeemed themselves this year (sort of), the line still has problems getting to the quarterback. Hopefully in the second half, we can see more than one sack (by Tommie Harris against the Bills FOX’s amazingly proclaimed Ryan Fitzpatrick).
It really shows that Rod Marinelli has made an impact on these guys. Idonije leads the team with 4.5 sacks, while Peppers has two.
Linebackers: A-

Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher against the Cowboys


Arguably the best phase on the Bears as of now. Briggs, Urlacher and Tinoisamoa all have been essentially flawless on all assignments.

They are starting to blitz Urlacher, who is also arugably having one of  his best season for a while.

With Tinoisamoa back from injury, I now see why the Bears got him. He is a great asset to the time at the strong side. Briggs has been hurt for maybe two or three games, but you can tell how much the Bears miss him when he’s gone.

Hunter Hillanmeyer, who was pretty much a back-up for all these years got a season ending injury to introduce Brandon Iwuh. He is another solid attribute.

Sure you don’t get EVERY tackle in the National Football League, but the three starters are playing as good as any other linebacker tandem out there.
Secondary: B-/C+

Charles Tillman against Detriot in Game one


Critics did say that this was the weakest link on the defensive end, but that’s hardly true.

Peanut Tillman (who I think is my favorite player) was demoted to number two corner for Zachary Bowman, but that didn’t last long.  Tillman leads secondary in tackles (second in the team with 41 behind Urlacher’s 48) with three forced fumbles.

Then enter nickelback D.J. Moore who has been in the right place at the right time.  Moore and Tillman both have two interceptions on the season. Tim Jennings also has played great defense as well as the two safeties (Chris Harris and Danieal Manning).

Finally Manning has a home at free safety (which he should have been playing initially when Mike Brown left).

However, the Bears still let up a lot of long plays which proposes trouble. But they do force many fumbles.

Special Teams: B +

Devin Hester Returning a punt against the Seattle Seahawks


Like the Bears ‘D,’ the special teams is always a powerhouse. THere is always one player that either is a step away or make the pro bowl on a yearly basis.

Special teams have impoved even from last season, after seeing two Deon Sanders ‘Prime Time’ dances into the endzone off a punt return. We all thought Devin Hester had lost it, but he’s back this year tying the all-time record for most punt return TDs.

DB Corey Graham seems to always have a big hit on someone off punts, kicks or anything else (as he leads the special teams taking over Adrian Peterson’s role).

Robbie Gould is almost automatic, only missing one kick this year, while Brad Maynard struggles getting punts inside the 20-yard line, he still is one of the best punters in the league.

Danieal Manning also gets significant yardage off of kickoff returns for a depleted offense to start in good field position.

Coaching: C-

Head coach Lovie Smith and Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz


We all know about the coaches so I won’t touch on that. They would have received a worse grade if it weren’t for the defense.

All I have to say is Lovie, you need to tell Martz to remember who is boss.

I don’t know about you, I’m worried about the eight remaining games, but it will surely be enough to talk about.

Bear Down Chicago!

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Bears progress report part one (offense)

Well folks, it’s the middle of the season, and you guessed it, time for progress reports kids.

At 4-3, the Bears still have a chance to make the playoffs if they (as the cliché goes) straighten up and fly right. So I will breakdown the Bears down by position (in my opinion) of what their grade is on the season.

The world revolves around pompous stubborn Jay Cutler. As much as the offensive line has not had his back, is as much he hasn’t for the O Line (I know the double negative). Everything relies on how good your quarterback is, and Cutler, who is 111-181 1483 7 TD, 7 Int is working diligently on trying to get his numbers emulating 09-10 (27 TD, 26 INT). We know Todd Collins was a bust, and Caleb Hanie,…well he doesn’t play. So, with the help of lovely Martz and Cutler, collectively are attempting to turn this season into a train wreck. What happened to the success in the first three games? The quick passes?

Runningbacks: CThere really has been not much of a ground game. Team leader Matt Forte is 93-352 scoring three TDs on the rush (not to mention is 3.9 avg and all of the fumbles he’s been having). Chester Taylor is obsolete (because we don’t hone a run-game), you can’t even through Garrett Wolf or Khalil Bell in there either. This Taylor move i thought would be the what could have put the Bears over the top. Alas, stubborn Mike Martz will keep throwing, and all of these stellar backs will be run out-of-town before you know it. RUN THE BALL!

Offensive Line: D

You know in most cases, the offensive line would achieve an incomplete. However, you can tell nobody knows what they’re doing because the Bears are starting two seventh-round draft picks, an undrafted free agent and a first-round bust. I take my hats off to line coach Mike Tice for trying the swaps and changes, but sometimes they just need to let these kids get accustomed to their positions. The Bears will have Roberto Garza back this week to return to guard, and maybe we can see if Chris Williams can get another chance at left tackle. Also, this strong belief that Greg Olsen is a first tier tight end in the NFL…what’s the deal with that(honestly that’s all I got)? The guy has butterfingers, he fumbles and drops easy plays, and he can’t block (along with Brandon manumanalauenawumea…however you spell is last name). I know what I can get out of old man Desmond (Clark). The guy can block and though slow, can catch the ball when thrown to. With the safeties having a hell of a year, makes you almost regret that Major Wright draft pick in the third round…

Receivers: B-

Why are your eyes wide? Is it because of the B- grade for the receivers. Well yes, I would do it again if I had the chance to go up and delete it. I think these guys (though inexperienced) have played the best on the offensive guy on the ball. When you have Forrest Gump (Devin Hester) as your number one receiver (even after years of training under Marty Booker and Mushin Muhammad) you think he’d get the play book by now. Let’s be honest, Mike Martz does not know his personnel if he feels this week in and week out he can just run deep routes all day. Since the line doesn’t work, and Cutler thinks too much with the ball, why not run the quick routes that made you successful in the beginning of the season. Plus this tandem of Johnnie Knox (24 – 478 TD), Devin Hester (18-182 TD) and Aromshadu (7-111…wow), are the quickest receivers they’ve had. Even with quick routes this guys can get extra yardage by speed alone. I do like Earl Bennett and what he brings to the team as a slot guy. Does anyone think that Forte should be the Bears Westbrook, while Taylor should be the true runningback?

Stay tuned for tom’s progress report of the defensive side. The ‘D’ at least has been at least a pleasant surprise right?

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Deng for 40/Bulls play excellent

Just when you think Luol is tradeable, he comes up and wins you back with a career high 40-point game. It came just in time for a tough Portland Trailblazers team. Gee whiz, the defense as well looked great from the Bulls.

If you haven’t figured it out the Bulls won their second straight game 110-98 against the Trailblazers Monday at the UC (and even that was too close for comfort in my book).

Just when you think last year has arrived again (with the Bulls not finishing games) like the fourth quarter of the Oklahoma City game, they totally redeem themselves.

After a sluggish start with Detroit they came back outscoring Detroit 34-9 and registered a first win (after an astonishing James Johnson performance).

The reason why Deng had this game, in my opinion was because of his poor performance. Thibodeau benched Deng for Johnson to surprise all fans with his play.

Then a game later, Deng couldn’t miss a shot going 14-19 (3-5 beyond three point land), four boards and three assists. Even though Rose wasn’t having a fantastic shooting game he posted a double-double 16 pts 13 assists and five boards.

It looks as if Thibodeau’s coaching is catching on to the boys in red(sans the foul trouble).

Let’s hope this philosophy catches on so the Bulls can hold a respectable record till Boozer returns.

Coming soon – Bears midterm grades (yeesh)

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“Either get up or get out the way” – Stacey King

If this doesn’t get you into the Bulls, I don’t know what will.

Today begins the 2010-11 Chicago Bulls season. Even though it started Tuesday, and is battling today with game one of the Texas Rangers-San Francisco Giants World Series, that will be number one on my tube (Was anyone as happy as I to see the Heat lose game one?).

So Thibodeau, which is apparently pronounced Tib-o-doh, finally set his starting lineup sans Carlos Boozer Tuesday evening. It goes as follows: G Derrick Rose, G Keith Bogans, SF Luol Deng, PF Taj Gibson, C Joakim Noah.

Gee am I glad we didn’t let go of Luol and Taj (yet?) for Carmelo Anthony. So it is only fair, that I do my last preview for Taj ‘hard hat and lunch pale’ Gibson

Taj Gibson

Position: PF
Height: 6’9
College: USC
09-10 stats: 9.0 ppg, 7.5 rpg, 1.3 bpg
He is a hybrid Joakim Noah…well sorta, not really. Gibson can give you that 15-17 foot outside shot as well as battle in the trenches. When Gibson is in, he can get you rebounds by the dozens. He also could be very allusive on the offensive side. Just when you don’t think he’s got enough juice left, Gibson posterizes someone.
 The problem still remains is that he commits pitty-pat fouls often, which enables his upside sometimes. It could possibly be that he was only a rookie last season, but it’s also possible that the referees might as the cliché goes ‘let them play.’ Like Noah, he battled plantar faciitis, but essentially played in every game. Hopefully it’s not something that ails him anymore
Once Boozer gets back, Gibson looks to be in the top drawing for sixth-man of the year award. He’ll average you double-digit points, and could it with rebounds as well. Gibson is someone who fits right inside of Thibodeau’s defensive scheme. He was one of my favorite players last year, and I would be sad to see him go, if this Carmelo trade resurfaces.

The Bulls start off, however, with a tough schedule. This was a perfect time for Boozer and his wall punching to be sidelined. Today they play Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder, that looks to be a tough match. Also in the first couple of games they play Portland, Boston, Denver (twice…kind of a coincidence), Houston, Dallas and San Antonio…all 09-10 playoff teams.

This could be tough, but with the Bears looking like a college-bound team as well, I’ve been licking my chops in preparation for this season. Oh and by the way this is for the folks who weren’t convinced by the Rose dunks. This clip always gives me goosebumps…when Noah turned into a man. After the jump, there’s an mp3.

Bulls starting lineup song (MP3)

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Quotes of the day

Mike Martz is a clown, and needs to get out of town. I’ll personally go over and help him move out of Halas Hall.
-Dave Kaplan of CSN Chicago

Washington would’ve made that deal? you think Haynesworth is a $100-million DT? if you can assure all that he’ll get to face Chris Williams every week I’ll take him.
-John ‘Moon’ Mullin of CSN on a possible Tommie Harris/ Albert Haynesworth trade.

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